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Chicken – Hotter Dish

Chicken is the favorite dish for many people. But in my case it is in reverse order. I like chicken but when I take a piece of chicken then I will suffer the whole day.

Chicken has average of = > 250 calories 7.5 fat

“I like the product but I don’t like the manufacturer’s “
I mean i like the egg but i don’t like the chicken.


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There is a fly’s called “oosal”( you can see in the picture). They used to live under the soil of the land. They grow by swallowing the small insects every day under the soil. They used to live in clusters. When a hole or path is created on the soil they get a way to come out, but the path is not to growth or freedom, it is the End for their lives.

Yes it is True! When they come out of the soil they fly to a bright area (may be light focused area). They will die the same day with out knowing anything. I believe the reason could be new environment where their body doesn’t cooperate them.

Why a man is holding a lamb with a tub? He will gather all the oosal’s and will dry, after that removing all the wings then he will eat them with roasted rice.

It is happening in the villages. I too tried them to eat.

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Best Websites online

Huge collection of Videos.
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You can share or get good Power point presentations here.

Huge collection of images.
You can share and store the pics.

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An e-Commerce website.

New Holly wood Movie updates.
Movie trailers and review of all the movies.

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Music – Remix or Own Tune ?

We can see many music directors are blooming every day. Music direction is easy now a days to grab from new instruments and Technology. Even software’s are used to produce good music with out any music knowledge. Two music kings produced a good music from normal classical instruments they are “Mellisai Mannar” M.S. Visvanathan and “Issai Gnani” Illayaraja. They didn’t remix any of the songs. Pure Owners for their music. But current music directors remixing a lot which is not good for the industry. Always own music will stick with people not the remix one. Already people know about this. They love to hear old songs even 100+ times but not the new one.

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Games always should not be an entertainment. They should help us to improve the speed of our brain to get the solutions. Chess is the best game. When we are playing in computer better i believe that Age of Empire game is the best one. I have played in single mode and multi player mode both are interesting. It is also same like chess where we need to take decision to beat the opponents. Please try to play like this useful game instead of useless games which was build only for entertainment. Age of Empire 3 part is the latest.

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The Mahabharatam is the longest epic in the world, containing 100,000 verses. It is an all-inclusive literature. It is claimed that all the problems in human life and their solutions are contained in it.

The Mahabharatam is a treasure house of Indian culture. It is many things combined a manual on ethics, a work on social and political philosophy, a study of duty and human relationships, a book on religion and the attainment of the truth, and more.

When i was studying i use to ask stories to my father as every kid do. He used to tell a topic everyday from mahabaratham. After i heard the full story i got a chance to watch in TV.

I am very much impressed by one man who is the Key player in mahabaratham.
You may be thinking it is Krishnan .

No…No……It is a great Man Karnan.

Who had skills not compared to any one in Mahabaratham. Who deserved Gourage, Speed, Simple, Determination, Sacrifice, Confidence, Smile, etc

Sivaji acted very well in karnan movie. Even Christians, Muslims should know about Mahabaratham where they also speak the same “The Morel of Life”.

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Alber Einstein

You might have heard about Albert Einstein in your school days.
At that time the history subject was boring….Why i want to know so and so did this and that…etc…

When we are in school days we don’t know why we are studying the history whether just a information or to understand the path that our ancients showed us.

I am very much interested on Albert Einstein who invented the theory of relativity and specifically mass-energy equivalence, E = mc2.

He is my Role Modle; I like his simplicity, creative mind, Hard work, etc.

My Teacher told me after his death view analysts gone in to a research to test his brain. They finally displayed the results that only 0.5% of his brain alone is used to invent all the huge Inventions.

So we can imagine that how powerful or brain is!

Best Quotes from Einstein

“ The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources. “

“ If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough ”

“ We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them ”

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