Japan’s where whaling in Antarctic waters which was proved with the photo and video today. It is bad that people catch them by hurting them. Japan’s government says that they want it for scientific Research. I think they can use other methods to catch the whale instead of hurting. you could see the bleeding over the whale. I feel empathy on this when I saw in TV.


Dhoni world cup 2011

Started to fool the fans of India once again by telling that ”players will under go the testing to build world cup Team – Dhoni”. Chappel and dravid said the same in world cup 2007 and both gave a good team which was watching the world cup.

Now Dhoni has started to put the same tune. They need to win each and every match at present instead of testing the individuals and team. You play well and you will get the chance of winning the world cup every day. Think that every Game is a world cup then you will achieve it one day.

What an art?

Egg art

Could you see the picture? Do you think that this art is created by a piece of cards or wooden pieces? No it is wrong? It is beautifully arranged by the eggs. People eat the eggs but will not think that even with that we can bring something to make admire.

England Novel Writer

Novel writer

Today’s Birthday baby of my blog is “Charles Dickens”.
A well known writer in 19th century in England.

He wrote famous novels “Oliver Twist”, “Great Expectations”. The novels are mirrors of his life. His novels are too imposing.

Today’s Love attitude


We couldn’t see the real love in today’s life. Before they start to love they try to judge the people. Once the love is confirmed they once again judge the person whether they will meet her/his entire requirements in the future.

” If you judge people, you have no time to love them. — Mother Teresa “


Shoaib never thought that the ayesha marrige will create a huge storm in his life. He was not able to speak now since ayesha have all the evidence that he married her through phone. I think he may loose his captaincy and will feel for this incident. Any way Hot news for the press people they will run the headlines with this matter every day till the next hot news comes.

Top Action Movie: 300

300 movie

What a good Hollywood Movie. Still people like the history related movies. The movie shows us the courage of the solders of a country. The king is the key role player in the movie. The director doesn’t make any mistake in the movie. The core concept of the movie is explained clearly.

The director of the movie 300 is Frank Miller. Our Indian directors need to think new concepts instead of running in a same line. People are not able to predict the next scene in Hollywood whereas in Indian movies it is very easy.