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Top kicks of Foot Ball

Foot ball is the interesting game that I like. It is difficult to get a single goal if player doesn’t support. What ever the team that playing foot ball we used to watch since it doesn’t bore. I played foot ball in my school days where I get many injuries with out playing well. Good to see that Manmohan Singh went to Brazil and made agreement with the Brazil coach’s to train Indian players


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Games always should not be an entertainment. They should help us to improve the speed of our brain to get the solutions. Chess is the best game. When we are playing in computer better i believe that Age of Empire game is the best one. I have played in single mode and multi player mode both are interesting. It is also same like chess where we need to take decision to beat the opponents. Please try to play like this useful game instead of useless games which was build only for entertainment. Age of Empire 3 part is the latest.

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