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Top kicks of Foot Ball

Foot ball is the interesting game that I like. It is difficult to get a single goal if player doesn’t support. What ever the team that playing foot ball we used to watch since it doesn’t bore. I played foot ball in my school days where I get many injuries with out playing well. Good to see that Manmohan Singh went to Brazil and made agreement with the Brazil coach’s to train Indian players


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Dhoni world cup 2011

Started to fool the fans of India once again by telling that ”players will under go the testing to build world cup Team – Dhoni”. Chappel and dravid said the same in world cup 2007 and both gave a good team which was watching the world cup.

Now Dhoni has started to put the same tune. They need to win each and every match at present instead of testing the individuals and team. You play well and you will get the chance of winning the world cup every day. Think that every Game is a world cup then you will achieve it one day.

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Shoaib never thought that the ayesha marrige will create a huge storm in his life. He was not able to speak now since ayesha have all the evidence that he married her through phone. I think he may loose his captaincy and will feel for this incident. Any way Hot news for the press people they will run the headlines with this matter every day till the next hot news comes.

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Sania Mirza dress

Tennis star “Sania Mirza” is getting in to controversies one by one. First with dress code now an ad shoot at Mecca mosque. People are coming to watch a tennis game for two reasons one is sports attitude and the other one is young girls who are hot in the ground with the stylish dress.

Why Muslim organization continuously focusing on Sania ? She is a good player who gives good name to their religion & country. We need to support Sania for her good achievements in Tennis as well as the dress code.

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cricket india vs srilanka

Tomorrow is the important game to India where they can satisfy the fans that young team can manage the experienced Srilankan’s. Dhoni should support to win the match tomorrow.

It is difficult to beat Australia compare to srilanka. I think “Master Sachin and Murali “ will be the key players in the respected sides. Let us see what indian cricket players will do tomorrow to win the match. Chak de India!

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Young Indian Cricket Team

I don’t think the young Indian cricket team will able to fight with the experienced Australian’s & Srilankan’s. We need to understand that experienced guys like gangly and laxman can manage the opposition since they are in good form. At least BCCI can do this 50% experienced guys and 50% young players. Because India is struggling to beat Australians every time.

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